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Family Law


Ekaterina Balioshenko Ekaterina Balioshenko
Irina Shevchenko Irina Shevchenko
Irina Uradovskikh Irina Uradovskikh
Anatolii Ovchinnikov Anatolii Ovchinnikov
Viktor Andreev Viktor Andreev
Petrova Marina Petrova Marina
Irina Veshnyakova Irina Veshnyakova

Attorneys of Iusland Law Offices provide legal assistance on various issues in the field of Family Law, including advising on contracts, negotiations, conclusion of the marriage contract, concluding divorce agreement or division of property, protect interests of the Clients in divorce settlement, determining the compensation amount or child benefit. Family disputes are the most sensitive area in the practice, because of affecting a private sphere of the Clients and their family. Lawyer’s assistance minimizes psychological pressure exerted on clients. The experts of Iusland Law Offices use various legal mechanisms for resolution, including the realization of alternative legal procedures like mediation. It allows to settle a complex family conflict before the commencement of the trial and after. Since 2013 Marina Petrova is a certificated professional mediator.

Besides, the attorney of Iusland Law Offices Marina Petrova has successfully completed the HELP course “Family law and human rights” which is organized by the Council of Europe and also she has learnt the international standards for the protection of family legal relationships in Russia. Moreover, Marina is in the list of attorneys, who is highly recommended by the central organ of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for cross-border disputes including the International Child Abduction cases.

Frequently family disputes affect the business interests of both spouses. If situation so requires the attorneys of Iusland Law Offices cooperates with experts in Corporate, Tax, Migration Law and Defamation practice. 

Our experts also advise on issues related to inheritance.

Expertise in family law proceedings

  • Advising on family and inheritance law matters
  • Representing the Client in courts of all instances, including preparing and filing claims, claims in special proceedings
  • Executing an agreement of marriage or an agreement about the distribution of property
  • Mediation
  • Providing legal assistance in the determining the residence of a child cases
  • Presentation the interests of a Client in guardianship and custody agencies