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Protection of Business Reputation


Elena Legashova Elena Legashova
Managing Partner, Attorney-at-Law

With the enormous number of information sources and means of disseminating information that exist today, protection from defamation is a pressing concern for both individuals and organizations. It is just as important for businesspeople to protect intangible assets like their honour and reputation as it is for government officials. For commercial organizations, defamation can often result in specific material consequences in the form of actual damages or lost profits.

We understand how important this area is for our clients, and our lawyers have spent several years building up this practice area and perfecting our methods to provide effective protection.

Expertise in protection of business reputation

  • The measures taken in our practice include legal resources to be used both in and out of court. Going to court, which can become a press event in itself, reaching an unlimited audience, is neither the only method nor the most important one. This approach is used only in cases when it serves the client’s purpose and does not pose greater risks to the client.
  • An effective strategy is developed using all the latest trends in law and practice relating to the application of administrative means of legal protection, including appealing to the appropriate authorities and representing clients’ interests in their dealings with the authorities.
  • Depending on our instructions, protecting clients’ interests may include communicating with media outlets, social networks and various Internet portals, or bringing in IT, communications and PR experts or specialists in the specific fields involved.
  • As of January 1st, 2016 our experts apply the measures imposed by the "law on the right to be forgotten" when it is required protecting the reputation from the publications in the Internet, containing outdated and irrelevant information and information damaging honour and reputation.
  • Our practice makes extensive use of negotiation.