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Land Use, Construction and Real Estate


Irina Veshnyakova Irina Veshnyakova

Our real estate and construction specialists have knowledge and extensive experience of various areas of construction and urban planning law, including legislation on the protection of historical and cultural monuments.

The practice’s lawyers structure real estate transactions, investment and development projects and provide ongoing legal support.

Our litigators represent clients contesting or defending property rights in court and in disputes between parties in the construction business. 

 Expertise and legal support in real estate and construction:

  • Conducting legal audits of real estate and land
  • Drafting, structuring and implementing transactions involving real estate and land
  • Legal support for investment projects:
    • o developing and structuring projects through both contractual and corporate structures
    • o tax planning for investment projects
    • o risk assessments for investment projects from the point of view of urban planning legislation
  • Developing and supporting commercial property management projects, property management tax planning
  • Resolving land valuation disputes

Expertise and legal support in the field of urban planning legislation:

  • Expert legal examinations at the feasibility study stage for projects where there are urban planning constraints, including in cases where there are no adequate urban planning regulations for the development/reconstruction area. Legal assistance in determining possible deviations from the maximum allowable parameters and the optimal procedure for having such deviations approved.
  • Contesting unlawful acts/omissions by the authorities in the course of construction/reconstruction, in particular, the extension of decisions granting land and issuing urban development plans and building permits.
  • Legal support in disputes concerning the payment of excessive rents and investment payments where a project is delayed due to the authorities not fulfilling their obligations within the proper timeframe.
  • Developing regulations for the client's non-legal staff on liaising with authorities so that the company complies with legal requirements in the event of any conflict.

Expertise and legal support in the field of legislation on protection of historical and cultural monuments:

  • Legal expertise regarding urban planning restrictions applicable to land plots, taking into account the validity periods of urban planning regulations (due to the invalidation of St. Petersburg Law No. 820-7, dated 19 January 2009).
  • Identifying legal risks in development projects where historical preservation activists are likely to challenge the authorities’ decisions and actions. Drafting recommendations in order to minimize legal risks, drawing on our experience of the Kuibyshev District Court and the City Court of St. Petersburg, the Commercial Courts of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region, the Thirteenth Commercial Court of Appeal, the Northwest District Commercial Court, and the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.
  • Liaising with authorities to obtain urban development plans, construction permits and approvals from the Committee for the State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Landmarks, and extending resolutions of the Government of St. Petersburg.
  • Resolving disputes with historical preservation activists and authorities where they have challenged acts and omissions by the authorities (the State Architecture and Construction Inspectorate, the City Planning and Architecture Committee, the Committee for the State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Landmarks, and the Government of St. Petersburg).


Litigation contesting the State Architecture and Construction Inspectorate’s refusal to issue a construction permit.


Legal audit of a project to reconstruct historical and cultural heritage sites.


Round table on cooperation and legal support in response to the activities of historical preservation activists in St. Petersburg.


Litigation challenging the decisions and orders of the St. Petersburg City Planning and Architecture Committee, the Chief Architect of the Committee, and the State Construction Supervision and Expertise Service of St. Petersburg.


Risk assessment and development of legal mechanisms for the implementation of a development project in New Moscow.


Handling court disputes with the Moscow Region Forestry Committee on the transfer of land.


Successful resolution of a dispute with the State Construction Supervision Service. Details >>


Supporting a number of development projects, including acquisition of land.


Supporting an investment project involving the construction of housing in Moscow Region.