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Labour Law and Anti-Corruption Expertise


Elena Legashova Elena Legashova
Managing Partner, Attorney-at-Law
Irina Shevchenko Irina Shevchenko
Evgenii Butyrin Evgenii Butyrin
Irina Uradovskikh Irina Uradovskikh
Anatolii Ovchinnikov Anatolii Ovchinnikov
Ekaterina Dmitrikova Ekaterina Dmitrikova
Counsel, Ph.D.
Nadezhda Advakhova Nadezhda Advakhova
Kirill Advakhov Kirill Advakhov

The successful development of business is based mostly on relations with the staff, because human capital is a base of any business. Attorneys of Iusland Law Offices actively pursue the development of Labour Laws’ practice by providing the service on any directions of the labour legislation and in the Migration Law area. The expertise of our Partners in the Labour Law has anti-corruption policy been repeatedly noticed in international peer review publication Best Lawyers.

Attorneys of Iusland Law Offices provide legal support to employer and staff of the company, present the interests of the clients in labour disputes and deal with pretrial settlement conference of corporative conflicts. The cooperation with others practices allow us to work simultaneously on several directions and deal with cases collectively.

An important point of the activity of the company is the creation of conditions for ensure that standards of anti-corruption legislation were enforced and the improvement of the relevant corporate procedures.

The Anti-Corruption policy aligned with Anti-Corruption standards is an important part of the company corporate culture.

Experience has shown that a large part of corruption offences in the entrepreneurship sphere is committed for the benefit of legal persons. Such activities could be attempted both in the Russian Federation and abroad. In 2016 changes were made to the Code on Administrative Infractions that providing for the administrative responsibility of the foreign legal person for illegal gratification on behalf of a legal person in the event that the actions were committed beyond the borders of the Russian Federation.

Expertise in the Labour Law area

  • Human resources audit and developing recommendations to resolve violations 
  • General issues related to the Labour Law and the Migration Law (including issues pertained different aspects of labour activity of foreign nationals in the Russian Federation)
  • Risk assessment related to violation of the Migration Law
  • Establishment of regulations about labour relations in the company (job descriptions, employment contracts, staff regulation, internal workplace regulations, regulations on commercial confidentiality, preparing the Labour Protection documentation)
  • Support for the application process of placing foreign staff
  • Represent the interests of the employer over the relations with government authorities
  • Working on litigation and pretrial settlement conference of staff conflicts
  • Advice on implementing legislation in protection of personal data

Anti-Corruption Expertise

  • Preparation of documents focused on increasing the transparency in the company activity and countering corruption
  • Elaboration of a set of measures to counter the involvement of the company staff in corrupt activities. Developing and supporting the monitoring mechanism of the effectiveness of the anti-corruption procedures
  • Preparing the internal documents aimed at removing legal and reputational risks (corporate and business ethics codes for companies)
  • Elaboration of a set of measures to use of the transparent mechanisms and implementation of effective procurement procedures based on specific sphere of company’ activity
  • Legal support for interaction with State monitoring authorities (Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation, CBR)
  • Developing the legal position on cases involving administrative offences under article 19.28 of the Code on Administrative Offences, legal defense of the companies and it’s officials accused in such cases