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Medical Law


Maria Fedosova Maria Fedosova
Partner, President of the coordinating council of the Bureau, Attorney-at-Law
Yana Griguts Yana Griguts
Dmitriy Obukhovsky Dmitriy Obukhovsky
Nadezhda Advakhova Nadezhda Advakhova
Kirill Advakhov Kirill Advakhov

The experts of the practice provide legal consultations in the field of medical law, civil law as well as criminal law concerning the issues with provision of medical assistance.

The Attorneys of Association provide legal assistance and advise medical organizations on the issues regarding medical law, protect rights and interests of the medical facilities in non-judicial and judicial dispute resolutions with the patients, defend the employees of medical organizations subjects of criminal proceedings.

Lawyers specializing in the field of medical law have high medical qualification, are also highly qualified, with a long-term experience in legal assistance, are capable to apply rules of the law in their interrelation with the developed medical practice. It allows to consistently solve client’s issues taking into account possible case scenarios, based on the wide experience of dispute settlement and knowledge of the judicial practice.

Close cooperation and collaboration of the Lawyers specializing in the field of medical law with the Lawyers practicing other fields of law at the Attorneys of Association «Iusland» allows to provide comprehensive legal protection of a medical organization and its employees, avoid or minimize the consequences of a non-friendly interference in its activities.

Expertise in the field of Medical Law:

- Consultations on questions derived from medical law regarding the establishment of a medical organization, purchasing existing medical business, daily operation of a medical organization;

- Consultations on questions of civil and criminal law arising while providing medical assistance and its possible negative outcome;

- Consultation on questions of counteraction to "patient extremism"; - Legal audit of the medical documentation;

- Preparation of contractual and other mandatory documentation, formalizing the legal relationships with the patients (medical assistance contracts, informed consent etc);

- Legal assistance with conducting and formulating the results of departmental inspections of the quality of medical assistance;

- Legal assistance at dispute settlements arising from claims of the patients, mediation;

- Legal assistance with inspections conducted by government inspection authorities and public organizations, representation of rights and interests of medical organizations before government inspection authorities;

- Judicial protection of the rights and interests of medical organizations in disputes involving patients, government inspection authorities and public organizations;

- Judicial protection of medical personnel in criminal proceedings in cases related to the provision of medical assistance;

- Legal support of activities of medical organizations.