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Iusland Law Office was included in the rating according to the results of litigation market research for 2022 from!


On May 11, the results of litigation market research for 2022 were published by and Iusland Law Office included in the ranking of the best law firms in terms of:

- the total amount of claims;

- the number of cases in production by companies in 2022;

- the number of decisions of final instances in courts for 2022;

- score for the result in the courts;

- average claim amount, etc. analysts analyzed 10,804 final decisions of Russian arbitration courts, which were made from January 1 to December 31, 2022.

Only companies with an average claim amount of more than 8 million rubles were included in the rating.

Congratulations to the lawyers of the Bureau with an excellent result!

You can get acquainted with the rating at the link

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